Devblog #5

Last week my websites got hacked so I had to restore my backups and ended up with more website management work than I wanted, but anyway, I was in the middle of transferring my to a new host and is now tidied up, everything in one place, this devblog, commission information and all of my links.

Also I haven’t been drawing because I’ve been taking care of documentation a writing my ideas for the game, but I should get back to drawing soon.

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[Working Title] Devblog #4

In the world of the [Working Title], World War 3 ended last decade and now is a time of recovering and rebuilding. Because I cannot see into the future, I’ll leave this history and the details of what happened out of sight. Post-WW2 culture is well documented, so I’ll try to take hints and cues from that and transpose it into my world (but not necessarily on the visual development side of things)


[Working Title] Devblog #3

Studies in human military craft while I tried to find the defining lines of human’s way of building and using military spacecraft. Time and time again I see concepts on the internet with absolutely no respect for the function of a spacecraft. I’ve seen everything stuck in there, wings, rotating fans, aerodynamic hull, windows, you name it. And I facepalm a bit every time, because it doesn’t take much to know that these elements obviously do not belong in a craft built for combat in space. These things are the “cool factor”

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with adding some “cool factor” and a bit of magic here and there, it gives the viewers the comfort of showing them stuff they already recognize. “Oh strut with big windows, there’s the cockpit”, right, but to me, it is wrong to base a whole design on the “cool factor” when all the environment around is supposed to be realistic. It not only breaks my immersion, but it denies the developers the possibility of creating something completely new, something that is actually conceptual. It means that the in-world engineers solved their problem (the enemy shooting their poor cockpit windows, debris breaking windows, etc) in a certain way (no more windows, lets see through other means), and that is important. People ridicule this stuff at first, but they will come to accept it if the solution works as intended.

I suppose the threshold of immersion is different for everyone, but one thing I know, too much of the cool factor or too much of realism can eventually break the immersion for everyone, So this equilibrium is always a fine line.

[Working Title] Devblog #1

I pondered long and hard about doing a video game based on my own scifi universe, and I could keep pondering about it, and about all the stuff that could go wrong (and will certainly go wrong), but life is short and if I’m to make my own philosophical space opera, I better do it while I’m not dead (hah, although batshit crazy is probably a requirement).
I’ll begin with pre-production, which at this point to me, means painting concepts like there is no tomorrow while I figure the details of the project. Meanwhile let’s call it Working Title. Another dimension to it is that I want to attract as much attention to my patreon and commissions as possible as a way to gain my own financial independence and so, later in the project, money will be necessary to complete work I’m not proficient in. So expect high resolution files, .psd and videos to be monetized, I will still obviously document my progress and share all I can.

What can I say about this video game? it’s mostly science fiction in a near future, it will have hard scifi elements but also really wonky stuff and the main system will be an space flight sim. Main inspirations are probably games like Freespace, Homeworld, and movies like 2001 and Interstellar.


So, this was my first piece, a station in Low Earth’s Orbit (LEO Station) where humans wander around and do all their space business. It is essentially a tale of humanity’s upbringing set in the near future. There will be conspiracies, space battles, and aliens, of course =)


2014 – 2015 Paintings

Other paintings done in 2014 and 2015