Commissions / Freelancing OPEN

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send email to with details about what you want to see (characters, background, poses, etc… ).

2D Art:

Sketch or Lineart : 50 Euros

1 Character Full Painting : 150 Euros

2+ Characters Full Painting : 250+ Euros

Average prices include a background which can be disregarded if it’s too simple.

I request payment up front after we agree on the scene, but you can request changes as I send work-in-progress especially in the sketch phase. Please note these are baseline prices it should give you an idea of my usual cost, so discounts or additional charges will be discussed right at the beginning. Any sort of ongoing winnings or royalty system will also have to be clearly agreed before work starts and be independently verifiable.

The end result is an image usually at 3840 pixels 72dpi for web distribution and can go as high as 18000 pixels 300dpi for printing. If printing resolution or other special output specifications (ex.: transparency)  are needed, mention that at the beginning.

3D Art:

500 – 2000 Euros

3D Art can be a number of different things that can take very different amounts of time. I work with Blender and I’m pricing 500 Euros as a baseline for a finished 3D scene work that can result in any number of rendered images or animation. Like 2D art, the scene will have to be discussed at the beginning and if you want to find what you want, a quick pre-production phase will have to be done (with either concept art, blockouts, etc, to find what you want from the final work).

Custom sound will be outsourced.

I’m also available for working in a team environment. I’m more comfortable with Design(Concept Art, Narrative, Gameplay,), 3D Prop modelling, UV’ing and Texturing.

Preferred themes:

  • Human and Robot characters
  • Spaceships
  • Mixture of Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Favorite Historical periods: Sumerian, Egyptian, Greco-Roman


questions, chat, etc, send to or message @xeoncat on twitter