Data Driven Starfield

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Installation and Use

Add the asset package to your project and drop one of the Generators in your level. Stars are generated at Runtime or at Construction time by pressing SpawnNow button in the Details tab.


It will place stars at PlanetariumScale distance. The Amount controls how much of the table is generated, 1 is all of them (30k stars, takes about 1 second).

SmallestStar, LargestStar and StarScale are multipliers to control star size, while Exponent will control the difference between smaller and bigger stars


will place spherical stars in XYZ position in light years multiplied by StarfieldScale

The FindStar event finds a star from an Hipparcos number and PointStarAtIndex function draws a debug line to it.

Each also have Material Instances where you can change the color of each Spectral Class

The Skysphere has a material instance applied that renders a Sun at the angle specified by a level directional light which you may want to use in conjunction with the normal Star Generator, but it’s completely optional and the other assets do not depend on this one.