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Devblog #6


Sent out hi-res pics to patrons. Kyrios is a mysterious figure and belongs to a very advanced civilization of aliens whose history was ancient long before humans came into existence.

Some humans who were unfortunate to meet him asked “Which god are you?” and his repressed twisted laughter was the last thing they heard

Devblog #5

Last week my websites got hacked so I had to restore my backups and ended up with more website management work than I wanted, but anyway, I was in the middle of transferring my to a new host and is now tidied up, everything in one place, this devblog, commission information and all of my links.

Also I haven’t been drawing because I’ve been taking care of documentation a writing my ideas for the game, but I should get back to drawing soon.


I can’t really show much of this at the moment, and it’s probably the one thing that will stay mostly hidden from the public at large. But it can be said that this game is going to stay away from a large exploration/mining/trading types. I’ll go with mission>base>mission formula. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have a big open ended universe, but the old Freespace 2 type of game is a lot easier to make. The only problem is that games like that are not common anymore for being too limited, but I think that with enough graphics, immersive mechanics and a mature story, those limitations can be overcome and deliver a solid experience. Games nowadays are easier to make, but it is more difficult to attract the attention of the public because of the sheer number of games being made.

Finances is also a thing that worries me deeply and is what’s keeping me up at night, but I believe I’ll find more paid stuff to do (as always). The good news is that I feel my paintings have improved a lot on the last month (more than in the last year). This tutorial essentially talks about how to think in RGB instead of HSV, and this made it easier to apply much better all I know about color theory. Colors and values shift much more naturally now and it’s easier to focus on the creative side of the piece. I still feel I’m going with too much saturation, it makes everything look cartoonish, but all in all, I’m pretty happy with these techniques at the moment.

[Working Title] Devblog #1

I pondered long and hard about doing a video game based on my own scifi universe, and I could keep pondering about it, and about all the stuff that could go wrong (and will certainly go wrong), but life is short and if I’m to make my own philosophical space opera, I better do it while I’m not dead (hah, although batshit crazy is probably a requirement).
I’ll begin with pre-production, which at this point to me, means painting concepts like there is no tomorrow while I figure the details of the project. Meanwhile let’s call it Working Title. Another dimension to it is that I want to attract as much attention to my patreon and commissions as possible as a way to gain my own financial independence and so, later in the project, money will be necessary to complete work I’m not proficient in. So expect high resolution files, .psd and videos to be monetized, I will still obviously document my progress and share all I can.


What can I say about this video game? it’s mostly science fiction in a near future, it will have hard scifi elements but also really wonky stuff and the main system will be an space flight sim. Main inspirations are probably games like Freespace, Homeworld, and movies like 2001 and Interstellar.


So, this was my first piece, a station in Low Earth’s Orbit (LEO Station) where humans wander around and do all their space business. It is essentially a tale of humanity’s upbringing set in the near future. There will be conspiracies, space battles, and aliens, of course =)