3D Asteroids Template

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Version maintenance, default UE5 atmosphere addded and quick bug fixes


added colored asteroids by type, bullet impact effect and optional tethered mouse control and inverted pitch

Installation and Use

Open the project and start building on it. In case you need to migrate the spaceship, first delete the nodes in its BeginPlay that handle the spawning of the BPRoidSpawner, then it should be independent from the Asteroids game.

Then in your project’s PlayerController recreate the input events or, if the input events are named the same, copy past them from BPPC.

Default Keyboard/Mouse input scheme:

WASD: Linear Movement

Mouse Position and Z, C: Rotation Movement

Left Mouse Button: Fire

K: Change Skin

J: Automatic Fire

Enter: Respawn


The spaceship itself. It rolls left, it rolls right, it shoots, it scores! Score variable is in the BPGM.

BPRoid and BPRoidSpawner

The blueprints that do the Asteroids functionality. BPRoid## and BPBit are child actors of BPRoid. You can have as many as needed as long as the spawning event is large enough for their size. Sometimes some asteroids may not spawn due to being in the same place.

Tethered Mouse Control

There’s a mouse control type centered on the screen which works more like a flight stick. You can disable it in the details panel of the ship. Use TetheredDeadzone variable to set the size of the deadzone in pixels